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What To Expect On a Sunday Morning!

From the Parking Lot to Your Seat

What to wear? 
We are pretty casual. You will find some people with ties or dresses and some people with shorts and t-shirts. 
However, most are casually wearing jeans.

Where to park? 
There are visitor parking spots on the west side of the parking lot towards the entrance.

Where to go?
When you enter the front doors, you can go right or left. Both ways will take you into the sanctuary!

What about kids?
If you have kids - take a right and follow the signs up stairs!

Coffee? I need coffee.
There is a coffee bar open from 9am-10am where you can get coffee, cappuccinos, and even breakfast sandwiches!
This is donation based, and all proceeds to towards our Benevolent Fund that we use to love families in the community!

Where do I sit?
Have a seat anywhere! Don't worry about "sitting in anyone's seat" AT ALL!

If you have any other questions - seriously - ask anyone. Everyone will be glad to meet you.

Welcome To CrossRoads!

Have you ever taken a ride on Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City?

If you want to see what it is like, you can google some pictures. If you want to get a feel for it you might even be able to find a first-person video of it on their Instagram page. However, if you actually want to experience it...you have to wait in line,  hop in that seat, lift your arms up and experience it yourself.

Hopefully by surfing around on our website can get a good feel for us, but we really hope you make the decision to come join us yourself. We don't gather together to check it off a list. We gather together to worship and hear from the God of the universe alongside of each other. We think you will be glad you did.