Life Groups

Fellowship Together

Share life together! Just like the New Testament church did, we have been called to be in close community with one another... a family...a body. Each life group should enjoy each other. Love each other. Sacrifice for each other. Play games together. Be present in each others lives even outside of Life Group gatherings. We believe fellowship happens best inside of homes and with food, so we encourage every Life Group to definitely take advantage of that!

Grow Together

We have all been called to become more like Jesus and we believe that happens best....together! Praying for each other. Encouraging each other. Reading, studying, and applying Scripture together. Holding each other accountable as we follow Jesus in every aspect of our lives and have the Holy Spirit transform us! Whether your group decides to study a book of the Bible together, do YouVersion Bible Plans together throughout the week, or simply dive deeper into discussion and application surrounding Sunday's message – growing to be more like of utmost importance!

On Mission Together

All followers of Jesus have been called to serve and make disciples, and we think that this happens best (you guessed it)...together! This is the overflow of a group that fellowships and grows together in a healthy way. "Did you get an opportunity to love your boss/co-worker this week? How did it go?" Encourage each other. Go serve together. Stir one another on to good works. Be on mission together! Jesus sent his disciples out two by two on purpose. We will be more effective for the Kingdom when we are intentionally on mission with an intimate community.

Life Groups aren't about meeting one day a week.
They are at their best when they bleed into the other six.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be child care?

Yes, we will designate one night during the week where childcare will be provided at the church. This night will be dependent upon the most popular Life Group night.

How big will the groups be?

We are aiming for 6-10 people per group. We want groups to still thrive if a couple people can't make it, yet be small enough to where you really feel it if someone is missing.

How long will the groups last?

We will have two sessions, Fall and Spring, each session will last 10-12 weeks. We will break during the Holidays after the Fall session, and we will break for the Summer after the Spring session. It will be at the discretion of each group if they would like to have additional meetings or group fellowship between sessions.

What is a host?

A host is just whoever's house the group meets in. We believe it works best when multiple people in the group are willing to host so that the responsibility does not continuously fall on one person or couple! Just communicate as a group to figure out what works best for you and understand that hosting does take extra effort.

If I host, will I need to provide meals?

No, it will not be the host's responsibility to provide meals for the group. The group will decide what food will be provided during groups-if any. The expectation is that all members of the group will help contribute if the group decides to provide meals or snacks; we don't want one individual to carry the responsibility of providing for the entire group every week. Group members need to understand that hosting carries a little extra weight!

What day of the week do they meet?

Whatever works best for you and your family! Sunday nights will work well for some, while Wednesdays work better for others, and maybe even a different day for another group. We ask for your night preferences in the form to help us place groups together. It is up to your group what you do from there on out! 

Why not have groups at the church?

One of the three core pillars of Life Groups is fellowship, and we believe that happens best in the home! That's where close friends gather...that's where family gathers. The early church broke each other's homes. Is it always convenient? Not even close. Is it worth it? We believe so. That being said, we want to remain flexible if needs arise that call for meeting at the church. (Also, practically - space is an issue when we talk about nights with youth group and child care.)

Will there be a leader?

Yes! However, that doesn't mean you are there to idly follow along. The leaders aren't there to teach....they are just there to help facilitate the group and keep the group centered around the three pillars the best as possible while remaining flexible! Once a group gets going, it would probably be hard for a stranger to tell who are actually the "leaders" of the group because everyone is contributing, showing up, encouraging, prepping, and sacrificing! These are Life Groups...not classes. You are not a spectator, you are a contributor. You aren't just here to receive, but to give whether you are a leader or not!

What if I don't connect with my group?

We will have Fall and Spring sessions, at the end of each session you will have an opportunity to try another group if you feel you're not getting connected. The goal is to find a group that works for you.

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Digging Deeper Elective

This is a semester-long commitment to take you deeper into Scripture! This is designed to take those in Life Groups deeper if they want it, although you do not have to be in a Life Group to participate.

While Life Groups is community-driven discipleship, the Digging Deeper Elective grows you through stretching your intellectual muscles. This is structured similarly to an online-college class. This is not for everyone - you will be held accountable for your work!

There are three elements:
1 | Weekly Scripture Reading & Journal
2 | Classes | There will be two online classes for the semester.
3 | Final Project | Choose a final project!

You will also be given different resources throughout the semester if you want to dive even deeper! Expect around 30-45 minutes a week of work, and 5-6 hours for your final project!