We have a thriving youth ministry designed to help middle school and high school students grow in loving God, loving people, and encouraging others to do the same!

You will feel welcome. You will connect with others. You will have fun. You will be pointed towards Jesus!

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What can I expect?

Wednesday Nights | 6.30-7.30 (But come early to hang out!)
  • This is the time for you to come and be pointed towards Jesus in an engaging way with other middle school and high school students.

Middle School/High School
  • We hang out together, and then split into middle school & high school groups.
  • One week the high schoolers will have large group while the middle schoolers will split into gender-specific Life Groups, and the next week they will switch! So every month each student will have two weeks of Large Group (game & message) and two weeks of Life Group!

Rough Outline
  • 6-6.45 | Hanging Out (9-Square, ping-pong, volleyball, connecting with friends and leaders!)
  • For One Age Group:
    • 6.45-7.30 | Life Groups
  • For the Other Age Group:
    • 6.45-7 | Large Group Game
    • 7-7.30 | Large Group Message

Adult Leaders

At the heart of our ministry is a group of background-checked adult leaders who have been transformed by Jesus and truly care about middle school and high school students experiencing the same transforming power in them.

They show up to youth group weekly ready to engage with, listen to, laugh with, talk to, and do life with these students. They care, so relationships go beyond Wednesday nights!

You Are More Influential Than Us

At Crossroads, we truly believe that the discipleship of your kids (helping them grow in loving God, loving people, and encouraging other’s to do the same) happens best at home...from you. Don’t get us wrong, we will do our best to create a fun and safe environment that your teens love to come to and where they are effectively pointed to Jesus in creative ways, but we would be missing the point if we didn't focus on equipping you to disciple them at home and every day!

Ways We Equip You:

Outside of normal adult programming to help you love God, love people, and encourage others to do the same, here are some ways we specifically equip you to be the parents God called you to be.
  1. Parent Resource Library. Check out a parenting book, grab a Parent Guide over a teenage culture topic, or sign up for a free, weekly teen culture email at our Parent Resource Library in the church lobby!
  2. Wednesday Emails. On Wednesday afternoons our Family Minister sends out an email to all the parents that accomplishes 3 things: (1) Informs parents of the topics of the night, (2) Equips parents with discussion starters so that parents can continue the conversation with their teen when they get home, and (3) Updates parents on coming events.
  3. RightNow Media. Like Netflix for Christian growth, there are thousands of videos to watch and discuss as a family, or you can find specific parenting videos! There are even Christian cartoons that your kids can watch. It is a great resource that our church pays for so you and your family can have free access to! Click here to set up a profile.
  4. Parent Roundtable. Every year we have an evening of more intensive parent training over a specific topic. Topics have included Digital Media as well as Anxiety and Depression in Teens.
  5. Take Home Challenges.  A few times a year, we provide extra material for you to have a family night with your kids that help promote discussion centered around family and Jesus! This is just another way to equip you to disciple your family!

High School Events

Student Life Camp

This is our big summer trip for high school students! We have went to CIY MOVE in the past, but this year we are switching it up and going to Student Life Camp in Glorieta, New Mexico! It combines a powerful preaching, worship, and growth from a week-long conference and combines it with the service aspect of a mission trip!

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Mission Trip

About every other year we go on a service trip! The last couple we have went to Diamond Willow Ministries in South Dakota where we helped put on a VBS for the kids there. It is always a blast as we point them towards Jesus, love well, play hard, and are stretched to serve beyond our comfort.
The Event

This is an overnight event at Ozark Christian College that takes place towards the beginning of November. It is a great opportunity for the high schoolers to get away, worship God with a thousand other students and leaders, hear engaging preachers, and grow closer together as a group!