Everyone has a next step as God keeps making us into the people that he created us to be!

Make Your First Visit!

Maybe you've been disconnected from God's church for a while. The church isn't close to perfect by any means, but God gave us the church in order to help make us into the people that He created us to be. To celebrate with us and mourn with us. To support and encourage us. To journey with us. We'd love it if you would want to join this adventure with us!

Get baptized!

Are you considering taking the next step of publicly placing your faith in Jesus? We are excited for you and would love to have a conversation with you!


Serving is awesome for many reasons, but here are a few:
- Growth | You are stretched to go beyond yourself.
- Community | You grow closer to the team you are serving on.
- Mission | You are joining us at Crossroads as we try to accomplish what God is calling us to do!

join a life group!

We would love everyone who calls Crossroads home to be in a Life Group. We believe intimate Christian community is vital for the follower of Christ, and Life Groups is how we seek to facilitate that at Crossroads! We have around 100 people currently in Life Groups, so there is a life Group for you!