At Crossroads, we believe that the discipleship of your kids (helping them grow in loving God, loving people, and encouraging other’s to do the same) happens best at home...from you. Don’t get us wrong, we will do our best to create a fun and safe environment that your kids and teens love to come to and where they are effectively pointed to Jesus in creative ways, but we would be missing the point if we didn't focus on equipping you to disciple them at home and every day!

Ways we want to equip you:

Outside of normal adult programming to help you love God, love people, and encourage others to do the same, here are some ways we specifically equip you to be the parents God called you to be. 
  1. Parent Resource Library. Check out a parenting book, grab a Parent Guide over a teenage culture topic, or sign up for a free, weekly teen culture email at our Parent Resource Library in the church lobby!
  2. Parent Take-Home Material. This is an awesome resource that our Children's Ministry curriculum provides. The GodTimes are daily, age-appropriate quiet times for your kids to go through (although we would encourage you to join along)! The Parent Cue is for you as a parent, and it gives you prompts to have Jesus discussions with your kids. You can also download the Parent Cue App that puts it all on your device and  plus it gives you a weekly video that you can watch with your kids at home that covers what we talked about on Sunday! You can grab this material on your way down the south Children's Ministry stairwell.
  3. RightNow Media. Like Netflix for Christian growth, there are thousands of videos to watch and discuss as a family, or find specific parenting videos! There are even Christian cartoons that your kids can watch. It is a great resource that our church pays for so you and your family can have free access to! Click here to set up a profile.
  4. Parent Roundtable. Every year we have an evening of more intensive parent training over a specific topic. Topics have included Digital Media as well as Anxiety and Depression in Teens.
  5. Take Home Challenges.  A few times a year, we provide extra material for you to have a family night with your kids that help promote discussion centered around family and Jesus! This is just another way to equip you to disciple your family!

Please reach out to our Family Minister, Cameron Woodring, if there is any way that we can serve your family!