Sunday Mornings @ 10 AM

Serve With Us!

For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...
Mark 10:45
Below are all the opportunities we have at Crossroads to serve:

Care Portal

CarePortal is a part of the Global Orphan project that is making and impact on our local area.. There are a couple ways you can get involved with local foster kids and families through CarePortal.

1.  CarePortal is a connecting agency for social workers and foster families. A foster family or social worker may be in need of something like a bed for a kid so they will put in a request with CarPortal and CarePortal will in turn send the request out to all local churches that are signed up. Then your church will send an email out to all people who are participating. If you have an extra or would like to buy what is needed then you answer the email .
  2.  You can sign up and be trained for Police Protective Care (PPC). PPC is housing a kid that has been removed by the police from their home and in need of somewhere to stay until the court makes a decision to send them home or to place them in foster care. This is usually about 3 days.

  If either of these options interests you please click on the link below and fill out the form. Thank you.

Riverton Mentor Program

The Health &  Wellness Advocates of Cherokee Co. have set up a mentorship program with the Riverton Elementary for kids who need a mentor in their life.  You can go read a book or have lunch with them. You will need to do a background check. For more information and to sign up click on the link.

Watered Gardens

On the 3rd Sunday of each month Michelle Autry leads a team serving breakfast at Watered Gardens. You can help two different ways. You can either volunteer your time and help her serve or give financial support. To volunteer or find out more info please fill out the volunteer form, and Michelle will reach out to you!
Volunteers begin by meeting at 10:00 am at the Community Building located at 4th and West Avenue in Baxter Springs. As soon as the Area on Aging van arrives, coolers are transferred to the local van the volunteers will be serving from. Drivers are provided and volunteers are passengers only. (No driving responsibilities)

Each day one volunteer ( the Helper) sits in the back of the van and places packaged food items from coolers into a container to be carried by the other volunteer (the runner) from the van to the homes of those receiving the meals.

Delivery times vary with the number of meals delivered (typically 30-36). Under normal circumstances, volunteers should plan on a two hour commitment.

If you would like to serve our community in this way or would like more information please fill out the volunteer form and Vincent Brannon will reach out to you!

Meals On Wheels

Once monthly Crossroads is responsible to provide two volunteers, Monday thru Thursday, to deliver meals to the homes of individuals and families as determined by the Southeast Kansas Area on Aging. Volunteers are asked to serve only one of the four days of Crossroads assigned week.

Meals on Wheels 2020 Dates:

   - March 2-5
    -April 6-9
    -May 11-14
    -June 15-18
    -July 20-23
    -August 24-27
    -September 28
    -October 1
    -November 2-5
    -December 7-10

SEK Thrift Store

Crossroads supplies volunteers for the local SEK thrift store in Baxter. Volunteers go in about every 10th week. Duties include sorting and hanging clothes, sorting in the back and running the cash register. You start at 8:45 and finish at 1:15. If this is something you would like to do or find out more info on it please fill out the form below and Bonnie Adams will get back with you shortly.

Communion & Offering Team

We have several ways you can serve from signing up to come in and make communion to being one of the team members who passes the trays during service. Please fill out the Volunteer form below and Kyle Anderson will be in touch with you!

Children's or Youth Ministries

Are you gifted in leading and teaching kids about Jesus? If you are please fill out the Volunteer form and Cameron Woodring will be in contact with you!

Coffee Shop

Do you have a talent for making people smile and brightening up their day? Then maybe you would like to serve in the coffee shop. If so please fill out the volunteer form below and Katie Huddleston will be in touch with you!